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After sign up, please submit your website’s Admin username and password on our secure submission form.  Once we’ve completed setup, you will be notified that your SiteWarrantyTM is active.

All plans are month-to-month and customers may cancel at any time. All plans are billed automatically, through PayPal’s secure subscription payments. NOTE: SiteWarranty is a division of Playbook Media & Marketing. Charges will appear on your credit card as: WFS/PlaybookMarketing

SiteWarranty includes off-site backups*, periodic updates* (of WordPress, theme and plugins), automated virus scans & security checks*  and site restoration in case of major site failure or site hack.

SiteWarranty makes no guarantee regarding site performance, site speed, page load speed, search ranking or other performance indicators. These, and any other site improvements or enhancements, may be addressed at additional charge by booking a Service Call.

*at intervals determined by your SiteWarranty plan