How it Works

We’ll take care of your website while you focus on your business. Sign up for one of our maintenance plans and and we’ll take care of everything.

Initial Set Up

Choose your plan and complete the new site onboarding form. We’ll complete a one-time check-up and thorough maintenance to ensure your site platform and functionality are up-to-date and secure.

Monthly Upkeep

Ongoing maintenance, updates and security checks. Cloud backups ensure a viable copy of your site exists so we can quickly restore it in the event of catastrophic failure or loss. We send a monthly Website Care Report so you have a overview of your site health.

Service When Needed

Additional support is available when needed. You can schedule a Service Call to discuss your support request. Or submit the Service Request form here to request additional support.  A WordPress expert can correct formatting problems, add content, or enhance functionality as your website and business needs grow.

Expert Support. Here to help.


Your SiteWarranty plan includes required updates, monitoring & security. All essentials to keep your site stable and secure.


Sometimes links go bad or functionality stops working. Book a Service Call and we'll quickly get your site back on track.


As your business needs change, your website can, too! Tell us what you need, book a Service Call and we'll take care of it all.