Ad Hoc Services

Simple, Straightforward Pricing.

Your monthly SiteWarranty plan covers WordPress core updates, so your site is always functional and secure. And cloud backups ensure a stable copy of your site is readily available to restore, in case it’s needed.

Ad Hoc Services can help if you’ve been hacked, are having functional issues or are simply ready to add more pages, or enhance functionality.

While our ad hoc services are for SiteWarranty members only, it’s easy to join and our Initial Tune-up often solves the most common website issues. Get SiteWarranty

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How much will it cost?

Advanced and Premium SiteWarranty plans cover some of the most common Ad hoc services.  Simply login to your account to schedule a Service Call.

Basic and Pro plan customers can schedule Service Calls to complete Ad hoc services when needed.

Each ad hoc service uses the number of credits indicated, no matter how long it takes.

If our technicians find that additional tasks are needed to solve a problem, you will be notified to approve of the additional expense.

Below is a list of common issues and their associated credits to complete.

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Ad Hoc Service Pricing

$85 per credit

Common Services Covered SiteWarranty Advanced & Premium Plans

One credit for Basic and Pro plan members.

Install SSL security certificate
(hosting access required)

Install and configure plugins that do not require external integration

Troubleshoot and fix issues for 1 contact form

Update address/phone number or add/edit content (~30 mins)

Remove bulk comment spam and enhance anti-spam measures 

Swap out images or content on a single page (~30 mins)

Publish a blog you’ve written with images you provide

Add Google, Facebook or other tracking code that you provide

Perform a Sitewide Evaluation and make recommendations

Additional Ad Hoc Services

These services require 1 credit for all SiteWarranty members.

Embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo

Embed an external contact form or email subscription form

Troubleshoot login problems or add/remove users

Add Recaptcha to forms and/or login

Image optimization to maximize page load speed

Identify and resolve/remove broken links

Fix issues preventing images from displaying (images must be provided or present in database)

Adjust maximum file upload size (hosting access required)

Correct issues found in your preliminary site evaluation

Advanced Ad Hoc Services

These tasks require 2 credits for all SiteWarranty members.

Troubleshoot and fix hacked site. Remove malware

Troubleshoot and correct email deliverability from website

Restore an external backup to a new installation of WordPress

Complete security evaluation and configuration

Correct site-wide text/formatting issues including fonts, spacing, text size and color

Troubleshoot and improve page load speed

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Your SiteWarranty plan includes required updates, monitoring & security. All essentials to keep your site stable and secure.


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