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Like a Home Warranty...

For Your Website

For small businesses, their website is a hard-working marketing asset. It works 24/7 to attract and inform your current and potential customers.

Broken, incomplete or outdated websites reflect poorly on your business and can cause you to lose customers. 

A Site Warranty from Site+Medix keeps your site running smoothly, and provides affordable, knowledgeable support when your site needs some extra attention.

Uber-style WordPress Support

Our members can schedule on-site WordPress support and we’ll send a technician right to your business.

Remote service calls are also available, but we know that sometimes it’s just easier to communicate face-to-face.

Plus, you get to build a personal relationship with your Site+Medix Technician, so future remote work becomes easy-breezy.

With a Site+Medix Site Warranty,

Fixing a Broken Website is Simple

Missing images? Broken links? Glitchy functionality?

Or worse, been hacked?

Your Site Warranty covers it all!

Broken, Outdated Sites Diminish Customer Trust

When a customer visits a website with broken links, misinformation, or worse, hacked code, they lose trust in your business.

A small investment in a Site Warranty, ensures that a Site+Medix expert is keeping an eye on your site, making necessary updates, backing things up and monitoring up-time.

We keep your most important marketing asset, your website, working hard for you and constantly building trust with your customers.

Meet Your New Website Expert.

Your local WordPress expert will secure your site, manage all updates, set automated backups and site monitoring to ensure a stable, always-on marketing asset.

Need changes or corrections? Schedule a Service Call and your expert Site+Medix Technician will handle it remotely, or on-site, as you prefer.