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Frequently Asked Questions

And some questions that are asked very rarely…but still important.

Can I make changes to my site?

Yes. You should feel comfortable making content edits to your site, adding blog posts or publishing new pages. Just know that, should anything go wrong, we will restore your site to the most recent backup, which may be up to a week old. In some cases, we can restore content to a previous version stored within your site itself.

If you have any major changes in design or functionality, we recommend you give us a call. We’d be happy to talk through the changes, their compatibility with existing site configuration and impact on site performance. We can also create an extra backup, so if anything goes wrong, your site can be restored quickly. Of course, we’re always happy to schedule a service call for one of our experts to handle the changes for you, if you’d rather.

How Do I Cancel my Site Warranty Plan?

Awwww….really? While we’d hate to see you go, you can choose to cancel your plan at any time. You can send an email to
Log into your PayPal account and go to the “Profile and Settings” page. Choose “My money”, then find “My preapproved payments” and click on the “Update” link. There you’ll find the subscription listed by our parent company name Playbook Media & Marketing or PLAYBKMKTG.  Click “Cancel” in the details profile. Your plan will remain in effect through then end of the paid cycle. Remember: if your site is hosted with us, you will need to make arrangements to move it to a different host account. It may be removed from our servers within 24 hours of the end of the paid cycle.

Meet Your New Website Expert.

Your local WordPress expert will secure your site, manage all updates, set automated backups and site monitoring to ensure a stable, always-on marketing asset.

Need changes or corrections? Schedule a Service Call and your expert SiteWarranty Technician will handle it remotely, or on-site, as you prefer.