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Like a Home Warranty...

For Your Website

For small businesses, their website is a hard-working marketing asset. It works 24/7 to attract and inform current and potential customers.

Broken, incomplete or outdated websites reflect poorly on your business and can cause you to lose customers. 

SiteWarrantysm keeps your site running smoothly, and provides affordable, expert support when your site needs some extra attention.

SiteWarranty serves you through a network of licensed, US-based, WordPress experts committed to providing the best service for website owners.

Initial Set Up

A one-time check-up and thorough maintenance ensures your site platform and functionality are up-to-date and secure. We’ll add your site to our management platform, so we can monitor up-time and site stability, plus we’ll receive alerts when updates are needed.

Monthly Upkeep

Ongoing maintenance, updates and security checks. Weekly cloud backups ensure a viable copy of your site exists so we can quickly restore it in the unlikely event of catastrophic failure or loss.

Something not quite right?  All SiteWarranty members enjoy free troubleshooting by phone.

Service When Needed

Additional support is available when needed. Book an affordable on-site or remote Service Call and a technician will correct formatting problems, add content, or enhance functionality as your website and business needs grow.

Expert Support. On Call.



Your SiteWarranty plan includes required updates, monitoring & security. All essentials to keep your site stable and secure.


Sometimes links go bad or functionality stops working. Book a Service Call and we’ll quickly get your site back on track.


As your business needs change, your website can, too! Tell us what you need, book a Service Call and we’ll take care of it all.

Meet Your New Website Expert.

Your local WordPress expert will secure your site, manage all updates, set automated backups and site monitoring to ensure a stable, always-on marketing asset.

Need changes or corrections? Schedule a Service Call and your expert SiteWarranty Technician will handle it remotely, or on-site, as you prefer.